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“Scatter-Gather sends the requested data to multiple routes concurrently“.

It waits for all the routes to complete the execution and then aggregates the response from each route and forms a Single output message and output will be “application/java” format.



Use Case :-



You can see in console of studio,

In above picture, uber01 and uber02 both are threads. and “Scather-gatherapiFlow/processors/0/route/0/processors/0” is first route path and “Scather-gatherapiFlow/processors/0/route/1/processors/0” is second route path.



“The maximum time taken by Scatter-Gather to complete the execution is the max time taken by any route. For instance, if route-1 takes 5 secs and route-2 takes 10 secs then Scatter-Gather will take 10 secs to complete the execution.”


“one of the routes fails, then the entire Scatter-Gather process fails.”




1-first route will be trigger

2-Second flow will be trigger

In debug mode, We can see working of processor.


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